Thursday, March 11, 2010

New Blog...

Love cooking and baking, love trying new recipes and sharing good food with family and friends? Then you are going to love Jessica, Susie, Jeanna, Kathy and Stacy's upcoming blog.

I had an idea and that idea was to make a blog just about food, but the big kicker is that it is not just my blog it will also be my cousins Jessica and Susie. Also my mom Kathy and my sister Jeanna. The reason I have come up with this idea is because we all LOVE cooking and baking and why not share the good food with loved ones?

We are going to be cooking and baking and sharing. Sounds like fun huh? Yeah, I know. We will cook or bake something post the recipe and a photo or two and share what we thought about the recipe and if it is a keeper.

I am so excited and and can't wait to get the blog going. We are working out the fine details of the blog and then I will put it all together!!!

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