Friday, September 18, 2009

Last minuet things...

I have been going thourgh all my stuff and packing it up and getting ready to move back to Cali!! I can't believe in less then one week I am going to be moving back home and getting be with my one and only Melvin!!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Susie's and Roberts Wedding!!

Ok...I know it has almost been a month sense their wedding, but I have to write about my trip to Cali still, because it was a great trip!!

The flight over was not that bad I had a good book, all though it was a little cramped for my liking. When I was landing in San Diego, Sea World was letting off the their fireworks for the night!! It was way cool it was like I had my own like welcome home comity!! Also if you are wondering if seeing fireworks from a birds eye view is different from seeing them from the ground??'s not. They look the same. But it was still really cool!!

I got in late that night so we didn't really do anything, we (Jessica, Susie & me) just had a night of girl talk and silliness!! Which was fun! The next day we had a girls day out. We had our nails and toes done and had a good lunch at In-n-Out!! And let me tell you I have miss those burgers so much it is not even funny!!

Saturday was the wedding and it was just lovely. Of chose being at the temple is always nice!! After the temple they had a lunch in with close family and friends at C Level. It is this really nice restaurant right on the water, it had a very pretty view. Then the reception. It was so great to see everyone I had not seane in forever!! It was a very nice wedding!! :)

Other then that I got to say with the Petterson's and it was really nice to get to see everyone that I missed so much!!

So here are some pics...enjoy!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Yay for Cali...

I am in Cali for Susies wedding this weekend and I am so happy!! I love CA!! I really don't want to go back to FL but hey I am only going to be in FL for another month and then I am moving back here!! YAY!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Can't wait..

I have so many thing to look forward to and I have been counting down the until they get here!

1. Susie and Robert's wedding is coming up the 8-22-2009 and I am going to be there (thanks to my loving fiance) I fly out to CA on the 2oth and stay the hole weekend!! So I get to see some family and friends that have been missed so much

2. Melvin is going to be getting out of training the end of September!!!!

3. I am moving back to CA and therefor I get to see Melvin!!

4. In November Melvin is going to take me to the Marine Corp Ball and I am kind of excited about get a pretty in a dress and get my hair and nails did!! ;)

As of right now that is all the things I can think of that is going to be coming up! I just can't wait to see Melvin it has been way to long!!! I miss him so much!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Wedding Dresses!!!

Went to try on some wedding dresses today and had to much fun! My grandma, mom and sister went with me. We had lunch first at this Mexican place it was soooooooo good! I was a little scared to try Mexican food in FL because I have heard that it is not that good on east cost, but it is so good and then we had jamba juice!! :) I love jamba juice. So here are some picture. Out of all the dresses I tried on these are the two I liked the most.

In this last one if you look behind me the
girl is wearing the dress I really LOVE but
they didn't have my size in the store so I
could try it on!!! :(

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Another Book Cover..

I made this one seconded and it fit!! YAY!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Book cover

I made this book cover and I made this one just a little to small and it only fits the Stand A Little Taller book Gordon B. Hinckley!! So, the next one I make I have to make it bigger!! :)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Changing my mind...

I was wanting to have my wedding colors orange and yellow, but now I am thinking I was to do black, red and white!! I know a lot of people do these colors but I don't know I just think it looks so good together! But what I really what to do is have black, orange and white but you know what everyone is going to think of when they see that and I bet it is what you are thinking!! haha! So let me know what you think!!

This is jsut a cute picture :) My maid of honor will were red and the bridesmaids will wear black and everyone
wears red heels!!

I think these are soooo cute and they look really easy to make!! :) And the website tells you how to make them!!

These are cute to, but not so easy to make!!

Ideas on the bouquet!!

Ideas on cake..I really like the secend one!!

And you know I would use the same cake topper

I just might have to PAINT those roses red!!

Haha.."who keeps paniting my roses red"

Guest book and ring pillow, but I don't really know they might be to busy??

The only thing I would change..I would use more red!!!

flower girl!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Still trying...

I have been trying to lose weight...why because who wants to be fat on their wedding day?? NO ONE!!! So, I am on a quest to lose weight...okay, okay not just lose weight have a happy and healthy lifestyle. So, I have been doing "okay" but I know I can do better. I hate running so anything that has to do with running just shoot me please, but Melvin keeps telling me it is the fastest way to loss weight. I guess I can give it a try, and hate it all the way down the street. Other then that I am just trying to eat healthier no diet really just not so much sweets or junk food and more fruit and veggies. So wish me luck on my new quest and any advice would be GREAT!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Wedding Stuff!!

This are just some things I was thinking about for the wedding so let me know what you think!!! So my theme is for sure spring/ my colors are going to be orange and yellow and light pink!!!

1. My wedding dress that I just love, but I still have a lot of weight to loss to look damn good in it!! :)

2. The flower girls dress which will most likely be Melinie

And those are just some dresses I really like for the bridesmaids dresses

3. And for Flowers I was looking at these:and other yellow and orange flowers!!

4. A cake like these but diff flowers!!

5. And this is for sure going to be my wedding cake toper

6. My bouquet!!!