Saturday, May 15, 2010

Long time, Yeah I know...

I know it have been a very long time sense the last time I posted and it all comes down to be way to busy with life and a little bit of being lazy in there...LOL!! So I guess I can back track to March. Wow it has been a LONG time.

In March as you all probably know I went to Florida to visit the family. I was super fun to see everyone.

It was my Dad's b-day and we had 2 party's for him. One was on his b-day 3/25/10 and the other one was later in the week and we had a awesome dinner!! So GOOD!!!

On the 2nd day of my trip we went to Disney World. So much FUN!! Here are some pictures.

Then the other days was just hanging out at home with the loved ones!! I had a super great time!!

Then it was April and I have to say nothing really happened, just a lot of working and hanging out with Melvin!

So that brings us to May! On May 5, 2010 was our (Melvin and Me) Anniversary! Guess how long I have been with this guy 7 years!!! Crazy right. Anyway I him very much. Sadly to say we both had to work and have not been able to celebrate yet, but I will be updating when we do!! Melvin got me one of the best preasents I could have asked for!! A 2 weeks trip to FL to see the Family!!!! Oh, I can't wait YAY Melvin!!