Friday, August 21, 2009

Yay for Cali...

I am in Cali for Susies wedding this weekend and I am so happy!! I love CA!! I really don't want to go back to FL but hey I am only going to be in FL for another month and then I am moving back here!! YAY!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Can't wait..

I have so many thing to look forward to and I have been counting down the until they get here!

1. Susie and Robert's wedding is coming up the 8-22-2009 and I am going to be there (thanks to my loving fiance) I fly out to CA on the 2oth and stay the hole weekend!! So I get to see some family and friends that have been missed so much

2. Melvin is going to be getting out of training the end of September!!!!

3. I am moving back to CA and therefor I get to see Melvin!!

4. In November Melvin is going to take me to the Marine Corp Ball and I am kind of excited about get a pretty in a dress and get my hair and nails did!! ;)

As of right now that is all the things I can think of that is going to be coming up! I just can't wait to see Melvin it has been way to long!!! I miss him so much!